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The main objective of "Future is Open" NGO is to help children in need to get to-a-certain-level organized education...


  "Future is Open" educational non-governmental organization introduced "Future Specialists" educational project to the ministry of social security of Republic of Armenia on May 10th, 2006. The project was described in much detail and was liked by everybody. The managing team of the poject wrote down all the suggestions which were considered while organizing the project. At present, 10 volunteers are included and work in the project. The project is to be held in 4 orphanages of Republic of Armenia, where high school students live. We are ready to discuss any offers or suggestions, which can help the children in choosing their future profession and be successful in their life.


In the orphanages of Armenian Republic High School pupils have difficulties in choosing their future profession because of the information gap or else due to a number of other circumstances.


The purpose is to help High School pupils, living in orphanages, to choose the right profession, to gain work experience and in future to provide them with work, which is the most important thing.


To inform the High School pupils living in the orphanages about the demanded professions throughout research.To have classes of observations, to hold meetings, seminars, discussions and conferences for all the children being involved in any professional aspect.To organize visits to different Higher Educational Institutions, offices by getting acquainted practically with whatever has to do with the profession chosen by a pupil.

To make an online library and a newspaper with both specialists and pupils.To make a brochure with skilled specialists describing in detail the whole successful process through which famous people made progress. To make a web site where there will be described work and results, detailed information, videos and lectures in order for children to be able to get the necessary information through the internet.
To get agreement with University Administrations and Student Councils of Higher Educational Institutions to take High School orphanage pupils there to be present at professinonal lessons in order to go deep into them, as well as to take part in different conferences.To arrange discussions presentations inviting students, lecturers and highly qualified specialists in this sphere.

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