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Director of "Special Type" Orphanage

  I (Hasmik Mkrtchyan) was born in 1969, 17 January in Yerevan in a Civil Officer's family. From 1976 to 1986 I studied in School # 53 after A. Khanjyan. 1986-1991 I studied and graduated from Yerevan State Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan, department of elementary education and study of mental defects and physical handicaps. Concurrent with studying from 1989 October I have worked in abovementioned Institute Kindergarten # 245 as specialist on mental defects and physical handicaps. 1998-2001 I simultaneously worked in Yerevan School # 118 after A. Yerznkyan as speech therapist.
  In 1994 I was recorded in the abovementioned Institute as an aspirant. In 2000 at the same Institute I passed the following qualification exams: Philosophy, English, and Informatics.
  1999-2003 Kindergarten # 245 was renamed into RA Ministry of Science and Education Special Type Orphanage where I was employed as a speech therapist. Since 2003 January 1 the orphanage has been renamed into RA Ministry of Employment and Social Issues Yerevan "Special Type" orphanage, where since 01.01.2004 I have worked as a speech therapist.
  Since 2001 I have concurrently been working also in State Pedagogical University after Kh. Abovyan, faculty of pre-school, elementary and special education, chair of Study of Mental Defects and Physical handicaps, as lecturer of methods of teaching the blind. 01.01.2004 -18.10.2005 I worked in "Special Type" Orphanage State Non Commercial Organization as deputy director.
  18.10.2005 -25.05.2006 in the abovementioned orphanage I was appointed Director Candidate.
  Since 25.05.2006 I was appointed by RA Ministry of Employment and Social Issues as Yerevan "Special Type Orphanage" Director after an open competition to fill the vacancy. Since 01.10.2007 the State Non Commercial Organization was renamed into “Mari Izmirlyan” Orphanage SNCO.
  In 27.04.2007 upon Armenian State Pedagogical University decision of Board of Specialists I was granted PHD of pedagogical sciences for my dissertation titled "Optimization of writing defects recovery of elementary schoolchildren with poor eyesight".
  I have published 11 articles and 3 theses. I am also a co-author of the book "Dictionary of Special Pedagogy" and one of my articles was published in Russian Federation Nijni Novgorod.
  I have participated in a series of trainings.
  I am married and have two children.
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