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Director of Children's Home Orphanage

  The director of "Children's Home" in Gyumri, Ruzanna Avagyan was born in 1950 in Leninakan in labour's family. She got her elementary education in the school named after Teryan; afterwards she left the school #27 after Musayelyan.
  She studied in the faculty of pediatrics of Yerevan Medical Institution in 1965-1973.
  In 1973 graduating from the Institution, she started working in the polyclinic for children and in the maternity hospital as a pediatrist.
  In 1981, she moved to the polyclinic for children #2 as a district doctor. In 1983, she started working in the orphanage of Leninakan as a pediatrist.
  In 1996, she became the chief doctor of the orphanage from January. She works in "Children's Home" as executive director since 1998 till now.
  She is married and has a son and a grandchild.
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