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Director of Gavar Orphanage

  Nicolay Nalbandyan - the headmaster of the orphanage of Gavar - was born in Gavar, on July 18, 1956, in a family of civil servants. His father, Tadevos Nalbandyan , is a recognized Journalist and his mother, Tereza Gzraryan, is a well-known pedagogue.
  In 1972 he graduated from the secondary school #2 of Gavar with the highest grades and entered the Faculty of Philology of Yerevan State University the same year. He graduated from the University in 1977.
  From 1977 to 1985 he worked in young-communist and communist parties, Gavar. Since the November 15th, 1985 he has been appointed and works as a headmaster of the orphanage of Gavar.
  Nicolay Nalbandyan is an initiative, hard-working person with strong communication skills; he is fond of reading. Due to his endless efforts, the orphanage has become one of the best institutions of care and education in the Republic. The building is reconstructed, furnished and corresponds to the modern international standards.
  Nicolay Nalbandyan is married and has two children.
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