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Director of Vanadzor Orphanage

  Arshaluis Harutyunyan, the headmaster of the orphanage of Vanadzor, was born on the 16th of April, 1955 in Kirovakan, in a family of civil-servants.
  1962-1972 - studied at secondary school #10 after Sayat-Nova, Kirovakan
  1972-1974 - studied Physics at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Kirovakan State Pedagogical Institution
  1976 - conducted morning and evening classes of Physics and Astronomy at secondary school #17, Kirovakan. Along with working at school, he was the head of facultative photo classes January 1982-1987 - was elected and worked as the Head of the Kirovakan Youth Organization
  1987-1991 - was delegated by the party to work at Kirovakan City Committee
  From November 1991 - head of the public food industrial complex at "Urkshin" Construction Company
  1996-1997 - headed "Iceberg" Manufacturing Cooperative on bakery production and foodstuff sale
  November 1997-present - was appointed and works as the headmaster of the orphanage of Vanadzor, which was established under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Security of the RoA
  Arshaluis Harutyunyan is married and has two sons.
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