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The main objective of "Future is Open" NGO is to help children in need to get to-a-certain-level organized education...


  "Future is Open" educational NGO, seeing the needs of the children having physical disabilities such as blind, deaf, mentally and physically problematic children, is opening a project which will try to help such children in their psychological, educational, medical problems and will help to organize their interesting free time. We can definitely mention that these children do have the need of love, warmth and care; and applying these elements, we will try to realize all our projects and classes. The issue is simple: these children have the need to communicate with other (healthy) people, and with their help to learn and illustrate all that. Today our society is not informed about this; most people do not realize that they themselves can be of great help to these children and that this should concern everybody. They don't need to be pitied, they simply have the need of a little attention, love and care to feel like being fully into the active life of the community. In Armenia there are two orphanages which include such children (Gyumri and Nor-Kharberd) and several special schools (in Yerevan and regions) where more than 1000 children with physical disabilities live. Our goal is to help these children and let them know that they, realizing their disabilities,should never lose the hope and desire to do and reach more than they could ever imagine.

To do this, several steps need to be taken:
To raise their general educational level
To organize educational classes (Armenian, English, computer etc.)
To give them psychological support
To give them medical aid through different medical centers, hospitals and other services (according to the need)
To organize the free time with helpful discussions, interesting games, sightseeing and other interesting projects
To develop the connection between children and their parents, organizing frequent meetings
To support the families of these children to improve their social state and with this to encourage the children to return to their families

The educational projects which will be held with these children need to be organized as well as:
Developing CDs (Armenian and English literature, the whole collection of school books for the children studying from 1st to 10th grades)
Translations of movies (with Armenian subtitles and vice versa)
Other things needed for classes

A connection needs to be developed with Higher Educational Institutions for including volunteers
Higher Educational Institutions for including volunteers
Medical centers and hospitals
The managing team of schools and orphanages
Television and radio
And so on

We are sure that we will be able to help our children, who are in this state because of different results and events of life and who do have the need of our help. We are sure that THE FUTURE IS OPEN FOR EVERYBODY.

The project needs sponsors.
With the help of fundraisings and individuals we will be able to realize this important and helpful project and we will report and illustrate our works to the sponsors and to ourselves in the official web site of the organization as well as through many meetings.

Please contact us, via the following e-mail address: info@fio.am.

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