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The main objective of "Future is Open" NGO is to help children in need to get to-a-certain-level organized education...

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P.S. Children from orphanages, special (boarding) schools and socially unprovided children (orphans, poor, with physical disabilities,)
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Future is Open NGO Projects
"Help the Children" project is for the children from 1.5-15 years old - www.fio.am/helpthechildren.
"Future Specialists" project is for the children from 16-21 years old - www.fio.am/fs.
"Educational Bridge" is a project for all the children and youth who have physical or mental problems - www.fio.am/edubridge.
"Pen Pals" project is for the children from 5-18 years old.
If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Address: 1 Qajaznuni st., 3rd floor, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: [374](10)559-126
E-mail: info@fio.am

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