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The main objective of "Future is Open" NGO is to help children in need to get to-a-certain-level organized education...


  “Future is Open” educational NGO created “Pen Pals” project in 2008. The main objective of the organization is to help children in need to get to a certain level organized education, become well educated and without unconquerable hardships integrate into the society and become conscious as well as responsible citizens of our country. Because of financial difficulties, the orphanages and special type schools (socially unprovided children) in RA marzes are not included in our educational projects, so in order to solve the problem to some degree, an idea has already ripened, i.e. to establish mail correspondence between children in the orphanages, special type schools (both in Yerevan and marzes) and RA (diaspora, foreign) citizens owing to which the children will be able to share their concerns with a citizen (or an organization) involved in the project.
  The citizen (or the person representing the organization) that is to be involved in mail correspondence has to a certain degree passed the process of socialization and is an accomplished citizen. The mail correspondence with suchlike people may kindle the fire in these children into flames due to their amicable advice, suggestions, praise and encouragement. We are convinced, that we - a teacher, a driver, a lawyer, a diplomat, a historian, a doctor, a hairdresser etc, should show the way to these children who need our help, which we have taken and passed due to our efforts, and that it was not just donated to us, what steps we have made to achieve what we have today.
  We hope that this new project will produce desired outcome and we, citizens sitting in our offices (at home), will become leading lights for these children in the huge ocean of life.
  We appeal to all the citizens, interested in this project and willing to become pen pals with one child to fill in this application form.
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