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Orphanage of Vanadzor

  The orphanage of Vanadzor was established on the 16th of November, 1997 due to the governmental decision #458, dated the 20th of October. At the moment of its establishment the orphanage hosted 30 orphans, beggars and children abandoned by their families.
  According to the orphanage statute, healthy children starting from infants up to 16 year-olds, who have a corresponding status and documents, can enter the orphanage. Currently, there live 116 children in the orphanage, instead of 109 children as planned by the government. 19 of them are students at secondary and high schools, 86 children study at school, 5 are newborn and the rest are of pre-school age. 3 boys were called to the national army during the last years, 3 girls got married and left the orphanage.
  The girls' wedding parties were organized according to old Armenian traditions. They still are in contact with the orphanage. The orphanage is financed by the state budget of the Government of the RA. During the 8 years of its existence the orphanage was sponsored by several individual sponsors and beneficial organizations from both Armenia and abroad. The sponsors helped to redesign the orphanage roof, which used to be flat before. They also supplied the orphanage with 24-hour running water, gas and a boiler. The orphanage building was renovated and fitted to orphanage standards to some extent in 2001.
  The orphanage needs to expand its space, to build a sport gym, to increase the number of its bedrooms, to establish workshops, which is extremely important for the graduates for their professional orientation and in preparing for independent life. One of the orphanage graduates - Armine Hovsepyan - received an apartment and started her independent life in April 2004, but she does not work now and cannot earn her living. The candidacy of 10 graduates, who are included in the state program to get an apartment and to start their individual life, will be examined this year.
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