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I am very glad that there is such a project and I cooperate with pleasure.

Varduhi Darbinian

I think the project supports everyone to present their knowledge, their personal relations. I wish the project success.

Suzanna Khachatrian

I think it is a wonderful idea and I hope that I will play a great role in the development of the children. Let's hope that the project will still develop and will acquire wider scale

Ruzanna Durunc

I think it will have positive effect on the lives of the children.

Anna Hovhannisian

I think it is a right and important way to help the children to choose the right way.

Armine Aleqsanian

This project is necessary for our society.

Irina Davtian

It is a wonderful project. I think that such projects will still be organized.

Anahit Shahinian

I have an absolutely positive opinion about the project. I hope this project will involve more and more young people in the future.

Narine Mirzoian

Thank you
"Help the children" project team.

Future is Open NGO Projects
"Help the Children" project is for the children from 1.5-15 years old.
"Future Specialists" project is for the children from 16-21 years old - www.fio.am/fs.
"Educational Bridge" is a project for all the children and youth who have physical or mental problems - www.fio.am/edubridge.
"Pen Pals" project is for the children from 5-18 years old - www.fio.am/penpals.
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