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Our Objectives

  Our main objective is to improve children's educational level.

  Our main goal is to progress children's educational level targeting the most vulnerable areas - orphanages of Armenia. We aim to build an academic foundation for these children to help them get more opportunities in future and form dynamic members of our competitive society. Pursuing these objectives, the project provides children with the following courses:

The Armenian course
The Russian course
The English course
Computer course

  Furthermore, we aim to unite all the orphanages in Armenia through network system and correspondence, to organize various cultural events for them, to establish exhibitions of their work, to enlarge children's scope of friends through different campus wide events and festivals, to hold various Olympiads, that will encourage their better education. The core issue we target is not merely to provide schooling to children, but to enhance interest towards education and to support in forming young generation of higher values and beliefs.

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Address: 1 Qajaznuni st., 3rd floor, Yerevan, Armenia
Tel: [374](10)559-126
E-mail: info@fio.am

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