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Orphanage of Nor Kharberd

  The orphanage of Nor Xarberd was founded in 1950. The number of children living in the orphanage is 238 and the number of staff members is 194 nowadays. Actually, 75 nurses and 15 pedagogues are taking care of the children directly. Moreover, There are organized 16 groups with 15 children in each. The room for each group provides satisfactory conditions for children's normal living.
  Furthermore, 29 medical workers maintain children's health care, among which 4 are doctors (1 pediatrician, 1 physician, 1 dentist and 1 retriever) and 25 are nurses. Among 27pedagogues 1 is senior pedagogue, 15 group tutors, 2 speech therapists, 2 physicians,2 psychologist , 1 social worker, 2 teachers for workshop activities, 1 physical trainer.
  The learning is conducted through a special curriculum, that features drawing, sewing, musical, drama, sport and agricultural workshops. At the workshops the children make different objects from paper, threads. Moreover, different toys, worthy objects of embroidering are made, which were introduced at various exhibitions and got various prices.
  The financial and educational support is mainly due to the government aid, which was doubled within the last 4 years. Nevertheless, nowaday's accomplishments wouldn't be realized without the enormous benevolence carried out. Due to these activities the orphanage building has been completely repaired, a gas pipeline and a boiler-house have been exploited, the water supply has been provided, a dental clinic has been opened, isolation, restoration centre (the number of specialists is 10) and a school ( 10 children attending), summer vacations in Sevan mainly (10 children in 2003, 30 children in 2004, 70 children in 2005). In spite of these accomplishments in health, education and communal-social spheres, many problems are still left unsolved. Among these problems are the ambiguity of the children that reach the age of 18, the technical equipment of the orphanage, the alignment of building and to the invalid children's needs, the necessity of continuous tutor trainings, the difficulty to establish a strong partnership with children's biologic parents, the low level of society tolerance.
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