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Gyumri "Huis" Orphanage

  The orphanage "Huis" of Gyumri was established on December 2, 2000 by an initiative of Municipality of Gyumri. It has been supervised by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs since January 1, 2003. The orphanage building was built in 1961. It is a two-storied building with two blocks, and had served as a pre-school up to December 2, 2000. It was redesigned to an orphanage in 2000, but the building does not meet the standards and requirements of an orphanage. The first block was renovated and brought to orphanage standards by the Municipality of Marcel in June, 2000. The second block of the building is also in need of a complete renovation. The whole property inside the building – beds, chairs, tables, shelves and soft furniture – are in an extreme need of renewal, because they were all inherited from the previous pre-school and are 20-year old.
  Orphanage "Huis" hosts and takes care of 73 children of ages 4-18, who have one parent, are parentless, have divorced parents, single mothers, whose parents submitted written rejection, are imprisoned or are socially vulnerable. Orphanage "Huis" has 41 workers, who educate and take care of the children. Orphanage activities take place in the following spheres:

  62 children of classes 1 through 10 attend secondary school #4. They get prepared for the classes in the orphanage with the help of tutors, who also organize additional facultative classes on different subjects. The orphanage also has a pre-school group, where classes are held according to the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of RA. Nevertheless, children need stationary to have properly conducted classes.

  There are radio, shoemaker, sewing and drawing workshops in the orphanage building, where children get acquainted with arts and study crafts. They also renovate broken property, their clothing and shoes. There is also a wood-processing workshop, but it does not operate because it is short of tools and materials.
  There is a greenhouse in the orphanage yard, where orchard cultures are cultivated and used as part of children’s full nutrition. But the greenhouse does not operate already six months as the heating part and the boiler are broken and we are not able to restore them. Children study elementary housekeeping manners and ethics. To carry out their continuous and ongoing studies, we are in an extreme need of materials.

  Social-psychological survey is conducted among all children and their families. Psychological rehabilitation measures are being undertaken for children having psychological difficulties. The contacts between children and their parents, between their families and the institution are being strengthened, interpersonal relationships are being controlled, and conflict situations are being resolved.

  Orphanage children are enrolled in everyday and weekly trainings in fencing, football, biathlon, boxing, etc. They have participated in sport events and competitions conducted in the Republic and in the city several times and have won honored prizes. But the building lacks a gym and relevant devices necessary to conduct physical trainings of high quality.

  Classes of singing, dancing, drama and chorus are held in the orphanage. All the holidays are celebrated in the orphanage. 47 other children from the community participate in these classes, which helps children integrate to the society. NGO programs also support the latter process. Nevertheless, the hall of the building is too small, has no scene and is, actually, not convenient for these kinds of cultural events.

  The orphanage economy block is not working at its full capacity, because there are no shelves, mirrors and other necessary supplies in the bathroom. The kitchen lacks a separate room for dishwashing together with its equipment. The dinning room lacks dishes, comfortable chairs and tables. Orphanage children receive medical aid. They periodically get injections and are under supervision of medical specialists.
  The orphanage "Huis" is financed from the budget of THE MINISTRY OF LABOR AND SOCIAL AFFAIRS OF THE RA, but the education and care after children would have been incomplete if it were not for individual sponsors and beneficiary organizations.

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