Dear friend,

"Future is Open" educational NGO has been implementing projects for the endangered children (orphanages, special schools, needy families) already for more than 5 years. With our scarce resources we are trying to organize educational events also in the regions. During our visits, alas, we see families in extreme need. It's irrelevant to talk about education, when such families have daily bread problem, or the children can't attend the school because of not having decent clothes...

"Future is Open" educational NGO is offering you to join the caring people and organizations who want to help the needy families in Armenia within the frames of the "Barev" (Hello) project. We can and need to help our compatriots ourselves. Just imagine how your child's old cloth can give another child a chance for normal education...

Do you want to support them? You can join with usable clothes and other necessary accessories/furnishings or toys for the children, and also with direct participation in the placement of the mentioned aid.

For more details and suggestions, please contact us via these means:
web site:
phone: (010) 55-91-26 (during 14:00-18:00)

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